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terça-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2014

Dental Human Identification using Radiographic Records of Oral Implant Placement – a Case Report


Dental identification of charred bodies consists of a complex procedure, making necessary the investigation of especially unique dental identifiers. In parallel, Implantology has become more accessible worldwide. Consequently, clinical and radiographic records of implant procedures proportionately, are being increasingly available for legal purposes. Based on that, the present study aims to report a case of identification of a charred body through radiograph record of implant placement. In 2013, an unknown adult male became charred after a traffic accident. His body was referred for identification at the medicolegal institute. Concomitantly, relatives of the potential victims were asked to provide any medical record. Based on that, the Ante-Mortem (AM) data consisted of a clinical file; three periapical radiographs; six bitewing radiographs; and one panoramic radiograph dated from 2012; while the Post-Mortem (PM) data consisted of cadaveric radiographs; photographs and two dental implants retrieved from the charred body. Positive identification was achieved founded on the compatibility between the AM and PM morphology of the dental implants; the radiographic endodontic arrangement of the maxillary right third molar; and
the thickness of the alveolar bone in the posterior region of the maxilla. In this context, clinicians must be aware of properly recording and storing steps of daily performances in Implantology in order to aid the justice; while forensic dentists must be aware of the best alternatives to overcome the limitations of identifying charred bodies. Article published in:  Silva RF, Franco A, de Castro MG, Dumant JAV, Garcia RR and de Souza JB. Dental Human Identification using Radiographic Records of Oral Implant Placement – a Case Report. Austin J Forensic Sci Criminol. 2014;1(1): 3.


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